Dont Give Up the Ship! Dont Tread on Me! Come and Take It! Liberty or Death! The Historical Flags of the US show us important moments in our history. The words, the passion of the time with the sole purpose of obtaining or maintaining our Freedom. Whether you want to protest what you feel is a current injustice or celebrate our rich history - we have the flag for you!

And what about Elizabeth Claypoole? You know her as Betsy Ross. The flag that carries her name is very popular with our customers. Unfortunately, it is unknown whether her story is true. There is no archival evidence if the flag attributed to her is a real event or legend. But we love this flag and her story.

Civil War reenactments and history is very popular. We have the Stars and Bars as well as the Confederate Navy Jack. Did you know that Arlington National Cemetery was established during the Civil War? The land that was designated for the cemetery had been the estate of Confederate general Robert E. Lee wife, who was a great-granddaughter of Martha Washington. Historical Flags tell the story of our history.

"Nice looking Gadsden flag….;Seams and grommets great. Thank God it's made here. Customer Service: Exceptional" Lou - New Jersey

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