International Code of Signals
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International Code of Signals are the way that ships "speak" to one another. Though not used specially in the initial manner they were designed. Signal Flags are often used by small sailing boats for both communication and decoration. Often people select alphabet letters to spell a name or to decorate a beach home.

What do they mean? A-ALPHA: Diver Down Keep Clear B-BRAVO: Dangerous Cargo C-CHARLIE: Yes D-DELTA: Keep Clear E-ECHO: Altering Course to Starboard F-FOXTROT: Disabled G-GOLF: Want a Pilot H-HOTEL: Pilot on Board I-INDIA: Altering Course to Port J-JULIET: On Fire Keep Clear K-KILO: Desire to Communicate L-LIMA: Stop Instantly M-MIKE: I am Stopped N-NOVEMBER: No O-OSCAR: Man Overboard P-PAPA: About to Sail Q-QUEBEC: Request Practique R-ROMEO: Do Not Pass Ahead of Me S-SIERRA: Engines Going Astern T-TANGO: Keep Clear U-UNIFORM: Standing Into Danger V-VICTOR: Require Assistance W-WHISKEY: Require Medical Assistance X-XRAY: Stop Your Intention Y-YANKEE: Am Dragging Anchor Z-ZULU: Require a Tug

Signal Flags come in six sizes; normally titled by number 0,2,3,7,10 and size 14. Flags can also be finished in three ways: Ash Toggles, Brass Snaps and Rings and with Brass Grommets.

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