Presbyterian Flags and Flagsets

Presbyterian Flags|Sets
We offer a Top Quality State Flag Set. Choose from Oak or Gold Aluminum 8' flag poles with your choice of metal pole ornament. Two of our best features are Metal pole ornaments - NOT Plastic. Our Anodized Aluminum weighted flag bases are superior since they have a weighted inner core. You do NOT have to add sand to the base to achieve weight. This is a real plus!

History: Presbyterianism is a branch of Christian Reformed Protestantism which traces its origins to the British Isles. Presbyterian theology typically emphasizes the sovereignty of God, the authority of the Scriptures, and the necessity of grace through faith in Christ. The Presbyterian denominations in Scotland hold to the theology of John Calvin and his immediate successors, although there is a range of theological views within contemporary Presbyterianism.The roots of Presbyterianism lie in the European Reformation of the 16th century. In the twentieth century, some Presbyterians played an important role in the Ecumenical Movement, including the World Council of Churches. Many Presbyterian denominations have found ways of working together with other Reformed denominations and Christians of other traditions. Some Presbyterian churches have entered into unions with other churches, such as Congregationalists, Lutherans, Anglicans and Methodists.

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