Washington's Cruisers Flag
Appeal to Heaven

FLAG HISTORY:This flag was used by George Washington in 1775. The flag was a variation of the New England Pine Tree Flag. The flag was later modified and used by the Massachusetts Navy. The Sons of Liberty would rally under a large tree in Boston. That tree came to be called The LIBERTY TREE. The Tree became the symbol of American Independence. Even though they knew they were up against the world's foremost military, they believed that they were sustained by a greater power, thus their APPEAL TO HEAVEN.

Our Outdoor Washington Cruisers - Appeal to Heaven Nylon Flag with Grommets is strong and long lasting!
  • Manufactured from 200-denier SolarMax Nylon, specifically designed for outdoor use
  • High resistance to UV fading while offering strength and durability
  • This flag features aniline-dye which permeates nylon fibers and allows for brilliant, fast colors with strong and durable lock-stitching throughout
  • Precise specifications are used when reproducing design, insignia and mottoes
  • Outdoor flag is finished with a strong white cotton polyester blend 1-1/2" header which holds the grommets. Flags have two rolled rim Solid Brass Grommets for easy attachment
  • The fly end; the end of the flag that "snaps" in the wind and receives the most wear and tear, has Four Rows of stitching for additional strength
  • Made in the USA

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Appeal to Heaven Flag with Grommets

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